How to Bookmark the Today Page

I tried to bookmark the Today page, but the bookmark always takes me back to the same day. Sort of like "Groundhog Day". That was a stupid movie, and I don't like this either. What is the deal?

The deal is this: The Today page is a program which looks up the current date and then loads that day's page. If you bookmark the result instead of the program, you will be stuck in time forever, like the bad Bill Murray movie you mentioned, or even worse, the 60's TV show about the time travellers (I can remember the theme song: "It's about time, it's about space, about two men in a dum dum dum...", but not the title. Anyway....)

What you need to do is Right-click on this link. In Netscape, and even in that other bowser, a box will pop-up and give you several choices, one of which will be Add Bookmark (or "Add to Favorites").

Okay, that's great, but what if I want to make the Today page my start-up page? That way, I will automatically see your way-cool page every time I start up my browser, instead of the boring and dorky page my ISP picked for me.

Hey, good idea! Well, the same concept applies here: You've gotta get the program, not the result. Again, right-click on the link. Notice the choice of Copy Link Location (can't remember what Explorer says, but something similar...) Select that. Then, go to the place where you change the default start-up (home) page in your browser. (In Netscape, go to "Edit...Preferences... Home Page"). Now, you just need to get on the line where it asks for the home page, and type Ctrl-V. The address of the Today program will be copied in. If that doesn't work for you, just type it in:


Thanks for your interest. As usual, comments, questions and ideas are always appreciated. (Oh, and by the way, here's the $5 I promised you for the "way-cool" bit...)