Time to be bad

J ly 8, 1999
Stop Clowning Around!

Okay you guys, enough is enough! Let's keep it down to a dull roar in here! You're demolishing this page! I gotta go home anyway. Hello Mother, care to partake in one of your, oh-so exhilarating games of peekaboo? Will somebody pleeeease get this little pipsqueak out of here before I step on him? Oh, very funny, now tell the one that doesn't suck! I think we're all bozos on this bus!
Be Quiet!
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Ye terday
B st of T day
To ay in istory
Today in Roc and Ro l
Toda 's Ast ono y Pix
Ho  Do I?
A Who e Yea ?!
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etstr am
Rad r
Pen r y Weat er Sta ion
e    d  l    
         r         w
a          s
    H o      k  m
   l           y         J    t
    r      e      a
      h    o    d  t