Time to be bad

July 7, 1999
Shake me like a British nanny!

Hey, Green-writing-guy, looks like I'm out of a job too! Wanna climb up trees and go through people's back yards and stuff?
Gee Billy, that's too bad! (Allllright! My scheme to get rid of this dweeb is finally working! Now I'll just pay the boss a visit and....)
Victory is mine! Ahh, Damn you all!
Hey, how'd you get in here?
Wait a minute, that's my line!
Damn you, damn the broccoli, and damn the Wright Brothers!
Ha vest View
Ye terday
B st of T day
To ay in istory
Today in Roc and Ro l
Toda 's Ast ono y Pix
Ho  Do I?
A Who e Yea ?!
Sa ellite View
etstr am
Rad r
Pen r y Weat er Sta ion
e    d  l    
         r         w
a          s
    H o      k  m
   l           y         J    t
    r      e      a
      h    o    d  t