June 24, 1999

Everybody all at once now: Oooooh! What a cute kitten! Get in line, there are only four of them. First come, first served. Don't be bashful, now, step right up here. Who could resist a little fur-ball like this? Everyone? Anyone? Hey, get up here and get your kitten, dammit! Yeah, you, over there! Don't act like you don't hear me. Get over here! Take this kitten. Please? Come on, just one little kitten. A little kitty, kitty, kitty? Huh? Look, you bozo, you need this kitten! Hey kid, how come your daddy won't get you a kitten? What a mean daddy! Here, kid, just put the kitten in the bag. No, don't tell daddy or mommy. No, let's let it be a surprise. Okay? Hey, you stupid cat, get in the bag! Ouch! Just stay in the damn... Oh, uh, hi Mister, no, no, um, nothing, no, not me, nosiree, fine day, yes, Listen, kid, just get the cat in the bag, there's a good kid, run along now, no, really, your daddy really does want you to have a cat, I'm sure...
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