August 6, 2010
Sunrise, Sunset
Since Edmonton's Fest began yesterday, I suppose it is about time to call an end to these Calgary Folk Music Festival pages.

Apparently, some folks complained (not to me) that our feature of someone lighting up something under a hat constituted an "endorsement" of illegal drugs. Far from it. Hey, you might recall when the Great Falls Tribune featured a front-page photo of people at a medical marijuana rally lighting up on the front steps of the Civic Center. Was the Tribune then endorsing marijuana? Doubt it.

Please try to recall that these pages are observations, not endorsements. After all, some of Dr. Hornschnabel's experiments could be deadly if reproduced at large scale, and still we report them. Should you have issues with anything reported here, please contact the author directly. I, and noone else, is responsible for these pages. Wish I could blame them on somebody else....

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