December 15, 2008
The Little Christmas Mouse
Once upon a time, a grey-bearded old man was working in his woodshop, making toys for all the good little boys and girls. It was frigidly cold outside, and a little Christmas mouse had sought shelter under the warm woodstove. "Ah," said the man, "I know just what little Christmas Mice like - peanut butter!" And he found a jar of semi-frozen peanut butter and put a schmear of it on a special little device he kept in the shop just for little mice! Sure enough, the little Christmas Mouse soon was sniffing and licking at the tasty stuff. SNAP! "Got ya, ya little SOB!" said the old man, and he chuckled softly at the peculiar sound the little mouse made as his carcass rolled down the snowdrift outside the door. -The End.

Well, maybe it needs a little rewrite before it's ready for Hallmark....

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