July 1, 2008
Look, But Don't Touch
Sometimes at the Free-Range Daycare, one of the more trustworthy kids gets to travel to town, keeping strangers from fondling the chrome while the caring staff attend to their urgent errands down the street a ways. A big responsibility, but not without its rewards. Sometimes there is a slice of pizza from Moose's Place! "But eat it before you get in, kid. And don't touch nothin', hear?"

Thanks to all the Strange-Trippers who sent best wishes for our tenth anniversary! So far, we haven't made a dime off of this operation. Missed the entire dot-com scene. Our stock portfolio looks pretty ill as well. Who'd have thought back then that "Iraq Travel and Tours" would not have done at least as well as "Chevron Oil"? Last I heard, the CEO of ITT was doing 10-12 in some white-collar lockup. I hope our ex-broker is too. Should have gone into daycare.....

Oh, and Happy Canada Day, Eh? Send poutine!

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