July 25, 2006
Milk Carton Pup, Anyone?
Would you put the ad on milk cartons, or what? Maybe hamburger wrappers? MMMmmmm, bacon! Anyway, if this is yours, you can have it back, no questions asked. I remember when I used to listen to Montana Public Radio; the people in Great Falls disparaged it as the "lost dog" network, because of the seemingly daily bulletins about some strayed dog over in Missoula.

Can you imagine if ckUa did that? "There's an Airedale loose in Airdrie, and a Bassett hound in Barnwell (Mmmm! Are those French Fries I smell?). Coaldale reports a lost Collie, and in Driftpile a Dachsund. Now over in Etzikom...."

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