April 18, 2006
10,000 Silver Dollars
Some Strange-Tripper - must've been younger than I, though I know that doesn't seem likely - wondered about these "cartwheels" mentioned a couple of days ago. So, I figured we might as well take a little jaunt out to the famous Ten-Thousand Silver Dollar Bar, just 16 miles from the Idaho border! Yes, folks, you can take my word that there are indeed 10,000 silver dollars embedded in that bar; I knew a guy once who knew a guy who counted them.

Apologies for the poor-quality photo; some Idahoan down at the other end was starting on a rant about "potato supremacy" and things were looking to turn pretty ugly, so I figured I'd best shoot from the hip and get back on the road again, back to the land of wheat and barley....

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