March 31, 2006
Outstanding in their Field
Admittedly and assuredly, but certainly we have done it. Clearly, then it is over. Consequently, even so, something feels lacking. Furthermore, granted that we have in addition in fact - indeed, it is true that, moreover, we have nevertheless no doubt achieved a rarity, for nobody denies that obviously we have, of course, used 30 transition words this month. On the other hand, still the fact remains that March has 31 days; therefore we must thus find one more. To be sure we went alphabetically; true, it is undoubtedly, unquestionably difficult to find such a word beginning with 'Z', yet I feel that something must be done.

However, the author of this little style guide warns against the careless use of "however", as well as against overusing any of the other transitional words. Hmmm, wonder what's up with that?

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