November 18, 2004
Plate Tectonics
Or is it "plate 31ics"? If understanding dawns, even as a 38 down12, you must be a real Montanan with the proper 21s to find any 33 hidden herein. At the Little 22, 14, shot with a 1, 39 the 40 of the 45. Whew, after I 26 riddle like that, I need some Jack 37, maybe with some 10ated 54 32! Followed by a big plate of 13s.

Astute Strange-Trippers will note that this is a rerun from five years ago. Or maybe there are no astute ST's, as nobody understood it last time either.... So, if you haven't won a fabulous prize within the last 30 days (you know who you are....), have a stab at it!

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