April 5, 2004
Return of the Fritillary
Those of you who saw Saturday's page will have the answer to the question "What the heck is that flyswatter doing in the middle of a still-life with Yellow Fritillaries?" Those Strange Trippers who only view the page at work have missed out on a lot of valuable information.

Remember last year when we pledged to become a known source of information on the Fritillaria pudica plant which blossoms right about now every year? For instance, see the Fritillaria pudica for 2000. I wonder how we are progressing in our quest for world dominance?

Hmmm, 100 out of 817. Hey, let's just look at the top ten sites in the world for Fritillaria pudica, okay?

Some pretty tough competition, I don't know....
*Harvest View
*Best of Today
*Wayback Machine
*How Do I?
*Today in History
*Calvin and Hobbes