March 18, 2003

Silently, stealthily, ruthlessly (I wonder where Ruth is?) the great Wildlife-Photographer approaches the wary subject for another brilliant closeup....

"I told you we should call ahead for a reservation, didn't I? Mabel's husband called, they left two days after us, and there they are, sitting down at Freezout Lake. And us? This podunk little pond? You call this a stopover? Hey, look at that, there is some freak coming our way with a an ....ummm.... Omigod, it's a DC-40?! I can't believe it's a DC-40! Mabel's probably getting shot with a 4 mega-pixel outfit, and we've got some freak with a DC-40 here?"

"Okay, Edith, a little more wing, a little less beak, okay?"

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