April 12, 2001
Let 'em go!

Georges Laroque vs Derian Hatcher? As much as they and you and I would love to see it, it ain't gonna happen, not in Gary Betteman's playoffs. It's hockey; it's sometimes good hockey; but it isn't real hockey.

Millions of folks are willing to pony up good money and time to watch the phony fisticuffs of WWF or XFL, or the contrived peacock posturings of the NBA. Yet here we see a sport with a long-established cultural history of fighting, widely accepted by its fans and serving a real purpose in acting as a deterrent to more cowardly types of mayhem against the skilled players, banning it in its most crucial games. There is no place for goonery, either in the regular season or the playoffs; but there is no reason either to ban all fighting in the postseason.

They don't listen to Don Cherry, they're not going to listen to me either......

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