Recipe Page  A collection of recipes ranging from the bizarre to the slightly ridiculous. 
CKUA  This is very possibly the world's best radio station, and it is now available anywhere in the world via Real Audio™. Featuring blues, jazz, classical, folk, celtic, world-beat, and every kind of music, with a bare-minimum of commercial advertisements (like maybe one per hour!) 
Get High!  View the Earth from Space. Choose Map mode, Living Earth, and you can see a real-time view of the planet. Zoom in on any location. You can see the lights of the cities on the night-side. Is this a real view from orbit? Like anything, read the fine print....
For Real!  View the Earth from Space. A collection of incredible pictures taken from the Space Shuttle. Hey, the Grand Canyon is still mighty impressive from 100 miles up!
Want to explore a foreign language? This is the place to start! All of the usual suspects are here of course, but there are also Swahili, Czech, Arabic, Icelandic, etc, etc, etc
Gardening  A very well-done gardening page. By posting & responding to questions here, I've met gardeners from the Canary Islands, Ontario, and New Hampshire, and learned quite a bit (Now if I would get off this machine and go out and pull some weeds, maybe my garden would look as if I had....) 
Voyeur  This is a real-time view of the actual search strings being typed into a search engine by users like you! Please be warned that this is raw unfiltered data, and that there are a lot of perverted people out there at keyboards. The Webmeister takes no responsibility for the kind of garbage you might see. 
CalendarLand  Calendars of other cultures and other times are quite fascinating. This will introduce you to Mayan, Islamic, Jewish, Chinese, etc. calendar systems. 
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