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Shelby's newspaper is named "The Promoter". The town has always had a knack for promotion, from the famous Dempsey vs Gibbons heavyweight fight held here July 4, 1923, to billing itself as "The Crossroads of the World".

It is definitely a crossroads, being a major station along the Great Northern railway, and the junction of Montana's Hiline (Highway 2, crossing the country from Houlton, Maine to Everett Washington), and Interstate 15 which (in conjunction with the QE2) spans from Edmonton to San Diego.

While agriculture remains the main focus of the economy, Shelby tends to be more diverse than other towns in the region. Recently, the town has constructed a regional prison which provides a great deal of employment. Patriot Act expansion of the nearby border facilities has also been a large factor. Wind-farms generating electricity from this always plentiful resource are another ongoing addition.