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The French name gives a hint that this is an old community, tracing its ancestry to the days of the fur trappers who were the first outsiders to see this beautiful country.

This Rocky Mountain Front community is nestled in the foothills south of Glacier Park. A fine trout fishing stream flows right through town. Pick chokecherries along its banks, but you may have to share them with grizzly bears!

The community center is well-known for the play put on there each year since 1944 by the local thespians. The grade school is one of the few in the area with internet access: Why not send them email right now? The town's newest business, the Inn Dupuyer Bed and Breakfast, is located in the hundred year-old plus log hotel, elegantly refurnished.

At one time, Dupuyer vied with Choteau for the role as county seat. Today, it remains a beautiful mountain-front locale, with an old-west bohemian ambience, whatever that means..... (Who writes this stuff, anyway?!)