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Montana's Rocky Mountain Front is home to many fascinating species of wildlife, from the fearsome Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) to our State Bird, the Meadowlark.

Here are some handy reference tools:

  • Wildlife. A Canadian site, very well-done and informative.
  • Birds. This USGS site features extensive information on hundreds of birds. Nice.
  • Warblers. Another Canadian site, beautifully done. There is even a quiz, so you can become an expert at identifying these songbirds.

To see what the energetic Kratt Brothers from Vermont are doing out here in our neck of the woods, check out their Grizzly Gulch site.

We find a lot of interesting stuff north of the border. Read this article about wildlife-(mis)management blunders and follies. It strikes very close to home here along the Front.